What is a Chaplain?

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A ‘chaplain’ used to be a term for a representative of a Christian faith. But today chaplains can be members of many different faiths and philosophical traditions. In fact multi-faith chaplaincy is gaining in popularity. Chaplains serve in secular institutions, such as military unit or a hospital.


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Along with the institutions I previously mentioned, chaplains can also work in parliamentary positions or even the business world! Of course we Aussies love our sports, so it’s no surprise that sports chaplains are becoming more popular. They can provide spiritual support to players, coaches and their families.


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Chaplains are often associated with the military, but did you know that they can serve all kinds of secular institutions? Chaplains can work in police departments, fire departments, universities or prisons. While this site focuses mainly on military chaplains, there are all sorts of opportunities for chaplains.


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You don’t need previous experience to become a chaplain. But you do have to become licensed, ordained and endorsed by a credible organisation. I’d recommend a site like Chaplaincy Australia—they have good starting tips. Also make sure that you are endorsed by an organisation that aligns with your beliefs.

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